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Boba Milk Tea Recipe

by Tiffoodss

What is Boba Tea?

Boba tea or bubble tea originated from Taiwan and consists of a sweetened milk tea and chewy tapioca boba balls. This popular drink is a sweet treat that can be enjoyed at any time. While the most popular base is milk tea, boba could be added to anything, from juices to other fruity tea combinations to toppings in desserts. 

Within the past few years, Taiwanese boba tea has gained so much popularity spreading all over the world, and has made a huge impact in the United States. If you don’t have a boba store near you – not to worry! This simple recipe will have you sipping on bubble tea in no time!

What are Tapioca Pearls?

Boba is made primarily from tapioca starch which gives it an irresistibly chewy texture. Fresh boba straight out of the pot might be the best boba you will ever have. With the proper technique, making boba is fairly easy. Here are a few tips.

Once you combine all the ingredients, make sure to roll the boba balls before the dough dries up and hardens. Once the dough hardens, you will not be able to shape it into boba balls. You also want to also make sure to use extra tapioca starch for dusting to prevent the balls from sticking to each other. It will be difficult to detach from each other once it is stuck. Boba should be eaten as soon as you make it otherwise it will harden and lose its chewiness. 

A Simple Boba Tea Recipe

Boba tastes great in just about any drink. However, my favorite way of drinking it is in milk tea. I am using a tea latte packet which is super convenient and just as good as making it from scratch. This tea alone is enough for a quick and refreshing boost that will keep you going during a long day of work.


Wu Sin Tapioca Flour

  • 1 cup tapioca starch
  • 6 tbsp water 
  • 60 g brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp tapioca starch (or more) for dusting

Brown Sugar Syrup

  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ⅓ cup water 

Milk Tea

Instant Taiwan Milk Tea: Sun Moon Lake Red Oolong Latte Mix

  • 2 packs of tea latte
  • ½ cup milk 
  • Dash of cinnamon and microgreen (optional) for potted plant look  


  1. Combine water and sugar in a pot 
  2. On medium heat bring mixture to boil and stir until sugar is dissolved 
  3. Pour in half the amount of tapioca starch and mix 
  4. Remove from heat and mix in the rest of the tapioca starch 
  5. Knead until smooth 
  6. Roll dough into small boba balls 
  7. Coat boba balls with tapioca starch to prevent sticking 
  8. In boiling water, cook boba balls 
  9. Boba balls will float once cooked
  10. Place boba balls in ice bath to cool 
  11. To make the brown sugar, combine sugar and water in pot 
  12. Bring the mixture to a boil and continue stirring
  13. Add in boba balls and stir until mixture becomes a thick syrup like consistency and remove from heat
  14. Make milk tea according to package instructions 
  15. Place boba and brown sugar syrup in a cup 
  16. Pour over milk tea 
  17. Add milk 
  18. Top with dash of cinnamon and microgreen (optional)
  19. Enjoy!

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Boba Milk Tea Recipe | Taiwanese Bubble Tea | Bokksu Market


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