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Take Your Self Care To The Next Level With Japanese Sheet Masks!

With Korean skincare and Asian beauty products, specifically the sheet mask, rising in popularity, it only makes sense to give some a try. Even makeup artists are grabbing their fill of sheet masks. Unfortunately, there are quite a few options to choose from. Have no fear; Bokksu Market is here! We've curated a list of some of the best sheet masks to choose from so you can pick the best options for yourself. Choose between options that concentrate on a specific area and some that leave your full face feeling refreshed. Without further ado, let's dive in!

Kao MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Chamomile (12 sheets)

Kao MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Chamomile (12 sheets)

These luxurious eye masks help tired eyes by producing aromatic steam that soothes tension around the eyes. Plus, it's convenient, so you can take it on plane rides or pop one on during a lunch break (we won't tell!). The Kao MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Chamomile (12 sheets) is ideal for relaxing after a long day or a long week.

There are additional options for scents, including Kao MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Lavender (12 sheets), Kao MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Unscented (12 sheets), and Kao MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Yuzu (12 sheets).

Kao MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Chamomile (12 sheets)

Kose Bihada-Shokunin: Honey Sheet Mask

Kose Bihada-Shokunin: Honey Sheet mask

How does a moisturizing sheet mask with natural ingredients, including hot spring water, sound? This relaxing mask is comfortable and flexible, making it easy to multitask while treating your skin. It is also cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and free from coloring.

These masks are gentle on the skin and offer a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home. Other varieties include Kose Bihada-Shokunin: Japanese Sake Sheet mask, a revitalizing mask, and Kose Bihada-Shokunin: Rice Bran Oil Sheet mask for extra moisture.

Lucky Trendy Exfoliating New Foot Mask

Lucky Trendy Exfoliating New Foot Mask

Sheet masks don't have to be only for your face! These foot masks encourage your feet to shed old skin, leaving you with super soft, pampered feet afterward. Once you've worn the mask, expect a satisfying few days of peeling, leaving you with baby soft skin.

Saborino Morning Sheet Mask: Botanical

Saborino Morning Sheet mask: Botanical

Give J beauty a try by using a Saborino Morning Sheet Mask: Botanical. These sheet masks are perfect for those who are always on the go as they come in a resealable pack, making them accessible and convenient to use. They're single-use, plus you only need to keep each sheet on for one minute. Even those with busy schedules can make time for a 60-second mask. Plus, they send their beauty supplies in stunning packaging. These masks have high-quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen to get your skin depuffed and moisturized, leaving you ready to take on the day. Each pack comes with 32 masks. This ensures you start every day on the right side of the bed, instead of having limited time with 1-2 masks. Below are additional options for Saborino (a company in Japan) Morning Sheet Masks that you can shop:

Saborino Morning Sheet mask: Botanical

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By Krystina Quintana