These Are The Top Instant Soups on Bokksu Market!

These Are The Top Instant Soups on Bokksu Market!

by Megan Taylor Stephens

Who doesn’t like a piping hot bowl of soup on a cold fall or winter day? No one. Who loves Japanese soup? Everyone. Here are some basic instructions for making some popular Japanese soups, as well as suggestions for instant Japanese soups.

Ryotei no Aji Instant Miso Soups: Low Sodium (Assorted 24-Pack)

Miso Soup

Miso soup is a standard fare for any Japanese meal. Peer into a bowl of miso soup and you’ll see a dark brown liquid with a milky tan layer of miso just underneath. Taste it and you’ll experience saltiness and smokiness with a hint of the ocean mixed and a deep earthy umami flavor. The usual miso soup recipe involves dashi, which is a broth made from bonito and kelp seaweed (konbu). The other main ingredient is miso, a paste made of fermented soybeans. Toppings such as diced tofu bits and green onion are the final touch.

Here are some of the possible ingredients you can buy from Bokksu Market to make your own miso soup: Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes, Hondashi Soup Stock, Hon Tsuyu Soup Base, Silken Tofu: Soft Red or Silken Tofu: Firm, and Negi Nori Dry Scallion and Seaweed Flakes.

If you want the rich flavor of miso soup without the time and expense of a home cooked version, just order some of these delicious instant miso soups and have them delivered to your door: Hikari Instant Miso Soup: Wakame, Hikari Instant Miso Soup: Tofu, Hikari Instant Miso Soup: Green Onion, and Ryotei no Aji Instant Miso Soups.

Sapporo Ichiban Tokotsu Ramen

Ramen Soup

Ramen noodle soup is another a fan favorite. It’s something that hungry people crave on a chilly day. A ramen recipe involves a rich dashi broth with soup stock that is made from bones that have simmered for hours. When the broth is ready, the wavy and rubbery ramen noodles, which are made of buckwheat and egg, are added. Finally, a myriad of additions are perched on top, such as a boiled egg, roasted pork slices, nori seaweed, narutomaki or kamaboko fishcake slices, menma bamboo shoots, spinach, and chili oil.

If you are inspired to make your own ramen noodle soup, you can buy these ingredients: Organic Ramen Noodles, Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes, Hondashi Soup Stock, Hon Tsuyu Soup Base, Menma Pickled Bamboo Shoots, Rayu Chili Oil With Crunchy Garlic, and Negi Nori Dry Scallion and Seaweed Flakes. For less patient cooks, instant ramen soup has the hearty flavor of fresh ramen without all the toil. You can order many different flavors and styles of instant ramen online, including Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen, Sapporo Ichiban Tonkotsu Ramen, Menraku Ramen: Spicy Sesame, Menraku Ramen: Hokkaido-Style Kaisen (Seafood), and Kimchi Ramen.

Menraku Udon: Tempura

Udon Soup

Udon is yet another favorite comfort food in the category of noodle soup dishes. Udon noodles are thicker and chewier than ramen noodles and are usually made without egg. Kakejiru udon soup has a simple broth that contains dashi, soy sauce, and mirin rice wine. Miso udon and curry udon are two other styles that have gained popularity over the years.

You can buy your own ingredients to make udon soup from scratch: Organic Udon Noodles, Tokusen Udon with Soup, Hon Tsuyu Soup Base, Kikkoman Soy Sauce: Traditionally Brewed, and Manjo Aji-Mirin Cooking Wine. Or you can buy premade instant udon through an online Japanese grocery market. Hikari Menraku Udon: Tempura is an easy-to-prepare option that will leave you feeling satisfied in no time.

Ippeichan Yomise no Yakisoba: Original

Yakisoba Noodles

Yakisoba is not exactly a soup dish, but it’s a close relative. Yakisoba is a crowd-pleasing buckwheat noodle dish that is cooked as a stir fry rather than a soup. It contains vegetables such as carrots and baby corn and meats such as pork or chicken. The slightly tangy and sweet umami flavor that gives yakisoba its trademark taste is similar to okonomiyaki or Worcestershire sauce. The homemade version of yakisoba isn’t too time consuming or challenging. If you’d like to make it yourself, you can buy ingredients such as Organic Ramen Noodles, Okonomi Sauce, Bulldog Worcestershire Sauce, Kikkoman Oyster Sauce: Red Label, and Kikkoman Soy Sauce: Traditionally Brewed at Bokksu Market.

You can also buy instant yakisoba noodles that require only a few minutes of preparation. Try Ippeichan Yomise no Yakisoba: Original, Ippeichan Yomise no Yakisoba: Shiodare, which has a lemon, salt, and kelp taste, or Hikari Menraku Yakisoba: Roasted Shoyu, which is made with soy sauce, garlic, and black pepper.

Order Online

Whether you want to go all out and cook a homemade Japanese noodle dish or go the easier instant route, you can buy a range of instant Japanese soups and ingredients through an online Asian grocery like Bokksu Market. Order groceries online today, have the supplies at your door in no time, and get your hot soup craving met!

By Megan Taylor Stephens

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Megan Taylor Stephens interest in the Japanese language, culture, and food goes way back. She was a Japanese exchange student in high school. Then she studied Japanese and linguistics in college, returned to Japan to work through the JET program (Coordinator of International Relations), and was an interpreter and translator for a while. Megan taught English as a Foreign Language in Japan and other countries before getting a Master's degree in ESL and becoming an ESL teacher. She then pivoted to becoming a school-based speech-language pathologist, so still gets to be immersed in the field of applied linguistics and loves working with bilingual students. Megan enjoys writing on the side for companies like Bokksu. A love of language, culture, travel, food, and learning never dies, it only gets more intense--just like cravings for ramen and Pocky!
These Are The Top Instant Soups on Bokksu Market!


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