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Excellent Pancit Bihon Rice Stick

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Meet bihon rice stick noodles! Bihon rice noodles are long and thin, so the cooking process is quick! But the sooner it’s ready, the sooner you can enjoy it, right? These rice noodles are perfect for pancit bihon, a staple Filipino dish eaten on both special occasions and normal days. The long stir-fried noodles are said to represent a long life ahead!

What’s Pancit?

Pancit broadly refers to different types of uncooked noodles, but often means a popular stir-fried noodle dish. These noodles can be made from mung beans, rice flour, and even egg-based noodles. Originally, noodles were introduced to the Filipino people by traders from China in the 1500s. These noodles began as a way for factory workers in the Philippines to refuel for their work. From there, these noodles quickly transitioned to street food, and then a food offered in restaurants around the Philippines named panciterias.

How Do You Cook With Pancit?

Pancit is typically used in a stir-fried noodle dish seasoned with chicken stock and sauces like fish sauce or oyster sauce. Depending on the Philippines region, you can expect different local ingredients to be included in the pancit recipe. Different types of dried pancit noodles include Pancit Canton (thin egg noodles), Pancit Bihon (rice stick noodles), Pancit Lomi (thick egg noodles), and Pancit Misua (thin wheat noodles).