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Hwang Ryh Shiang Spicy Fermented Bean Curd with Minced Chili

Sure, you've tried marinated tofu. But have you tried spicy fermented bean curd? This version of fu ru offers a delightful punch of heat, saltiness, and umami taste to recipes. Soybeans, chili, wine, and sesame oil are packed tight into a jar together to create the ultimate condiment. Use it as a tasty condiment or top a rice or noodle dish with it.

Common Allergens: Soy.

What Is Fermented Bean Curd, And How Do You Cook With It?

Fermented Bean Curd, or furu, is a cultured tofu product that comes in red and white varieties.It’s made from preserving tofu with vinegar and salt. It’s sometimes referred to as tofu cheese because it has the consistency and almost scent  of cream cheese! It’s used as a seasoning, imparting a savory and subtly sweet flavor. To make the red variety, the tofu is brined with red yeast rice. It’s a bit more intense in flavor, so it works well with braised meat dishes.