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Koon Chun Black Vinegar

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Transform your dishes using black vinegar for flavoring! Black vinegar offers a more complex taste than other kinds of vinegar. When using this vinegar, you'll be rewarded with an earthy, umami, smoky, licorice taste that perfectly accents noodles. Use this black vinegar for meat glazes, vegetables, and squid soup.

Common Allergens: Wheat.

What Are Some Different Types of Asian Vinegars, And How Do You Cook With Them?

Asian vinegars are often made with fermented rice, creating a liquid that is sweet, savory, and sour. Chinese rice vinegars or mi cu can often come in white, red, and black varieties. As the color darkens, the flavor deepens. It’s easier to use white or red vinegar in dressings and marinades, as they blend in nicely with your dish. Black Zhenjiang vinegar is so strong that it’s a great dipping sauce on its own, typically used for dumplings. 

Japanese rice vinegar can come in a seasoned (added salt and sugar) or unseasoned types. These vinegars are a great marinade for fish, and the seasoned variety makes creating sushi rice a breeze - just add to cooked white rice!