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Mama Thai Instant Noodles: Pad Thai

Enjoying a warm bowl of Pad Thai just got a lot easier! These Thai instant noodles from Mama are restaurant-quality and only take a few minutes to make. Mama is a famous Thai instant noodle brand with a whole restaurant dedicated to its noodles. When taking a bite of this Pad Thai, you can expect an authentic and flavorful dish. Make sure to add a squeeze of lime juice and mix in your favorites like shrimp, broccoli, and eggs.

Common Allergens: Milk, Shellfish, Peanuts, Wheat, Soy.

What Are Thai Rice Noodles?

Simple, tasty, and delicious – Thai rice noodles are everything you want in a noodle dish! These delightful noodles offer a chewy, springy consistency that perfectly soaks up any sauces or seasonings you add to recipes.

How To Cook With Thai Rice Noodles

These versatile noodles are used for many rice noodle dishes, like pad Thai (Thailand’s national dish). Thai rice noodles come in many varieties, like wide rice noodles (sen yai), thin rice noodles (sen lek), and extra-thin noodles (sen me). If you've ever eaten Thai food, you've likely tasted these yummy noodles.