Meiji Pucca Pretzel Cookies: Chocolate

Meiji Pucca Pretzel Cookies: Chocolate

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These Pucca Pretzel Cookies from Meiji are the perfect sweet and salty combo! On the outside, you'll find a crunchy, salty pretzel shell. You'll then encounter a creamy chocolate interior once you bite into one of the cookies. They're also shaped like cute sea creatures, including fish and clams. Don't worry - no sea creatures were harmed in the making of these tasty treats!

Pro Tip: Warm these pucca pretzel cookies in the microwave for a few seconds, then use them as a topping for vanilla ice cream.

Common Allergens: Milk, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy.

Please Note: If temperatures in your location are above 28°C (82°F), this chocolate product may get heat damaged in transit. We cannot be held responsible for any temperature-related damages caused during shipping.