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Morita Organic Mirin

An Asian cuisine kitchen staple, mirin is a sweet rice wine similar to cooking sake but with lower alcohol content. Made in Japan, this mirin-type cooking seasoning is produced like hon-mirin (true mirin) with some salt added. This Japan-certified organic seasoning will enhance your cooking by adding a sophisticated sweetness and beautiful luster to your dish.

May also contain: Alcohol.

What Is Mirin?

Mirin is a Japanese cooking wine that is used in many Japanese recipes. Like sake, mirin is also made of rice, but has a much lower alcohol content and a higher sugar content which gives it a sweet taste.

How To Cook With Mirin

It’s frequently used in dishes that have saltier sauces with soy sauce or tamari bases, because the sweet flavor contrasts well with the salty flavor of the sauce: think teriyaki sauce. The high sugar content in mirin helps to tenderize meat and add a glossy finish to sauces, making it a great addition to marinades.