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Muso Organic & Vegan Ramen: Miso

This Japanese instant ramen is organic and vegan! Fall in love with every smooth slurp of non-fried ramen noodles in concentrated umami miso. Ready in just 4 minutes plus boiling time, be sure to add all your favorite toppings to make this classic instant dish your own!

Common Allergens: Wheat, Soy. May also contain: Alcohol.

What Is Miso?

Miso is a smooth paste of cooked, mashed, salted, and fermented grains or legumes (typically edamame). Miso paste varies in sweetness, saltiness, and umami, or savoriness. The two most popular types are red and white miso. White is typically milder and sweeter, while red tends to be saltier, earthier.

How To Cook With Miso 

You can of course use miso to make miso soup, or you can experiment with mixing miso into soy sauce glazes for squash and other roasted vegetables. You can even incorporate it into marinades for barbecue! It’s the perfect complement to udon noodles, or in nabe (Japanese hot pot). Miso paste can be quite salty, so make sure to start out with a small portion and see how it flavors your dish.