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Nongshim Ramen Bowl: Korean Army Stew Budae Jjigae (6-pack)

Budae Jjigae (army stew) has an interesting history that involves using any extra food available from the military bases, hence the name. It usually has spam, ham, sausage, baked beans, kimchi, noodles, and Korean chili paste (gochujang).

The noodles in this ramen bowl use potato starch and wheat for an even chewier consistency. With a rich, spicy kimchi broth and bits of fish cake and pinto beans, you'll find this soup quite addicting! Hot dogs or cubes of spam work well in this soup.

Common Allergens: Fish, Wheat, Soy. Processed In A Facility That Also Contains: Eggs, Milk, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts.