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Pearl River Bridge Fried Dace with Black Bean

Fried dace (saltwater carp) from Pearl River Bridge is a staple in many Chinese homes because of its delicious, salty, umami flavor. Fried dace has been a beloved food since the 1800s, and for good reason! Umami-rich black beans and vegetable oil surround delicious, crispy fish for the perfect combination of flavors. Eat this addictive dace straight out of the can. Or, add it to a bowl of rice for a tasty meal.

Common Allergens: Fish, Wheat, Soy.

How Can I Cook With Tinned Fish?

Gone are the days of boring canned tuna salad sandwiches for lunch! With the number of tinned fish that Asian-inspired food offers, you can turn an ordinary lunch into an extraordinary meal. Here are some delicious ways to incorporate new foods into your lunch routine in a fun way.

  • Fried Rice! This easy-to-make dish just got even more protein-rich with the addition of tinned fish. 

  • Onigiri! Simply stuff a ball of cooked rice with tinned fish and even a swipe of kewpie mayo. Wrap in nori seaweed or eat on its own

  • Japanese Pasta! Grab our Japanese spaghetti and a packet of our pasta sauce (like mentaiko cream), and mix in tinned fish.

  • In Omelets! Make your own tamagoyaki with eggs and dashi and throw in tinned fish.

  • On Its Own! Many of our tinned fishes come pre-seasoned so you can enjoy them right out of the can for a quick snack.