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Kewpie Roasted Sesame Dressing

This dressing is incredibly popular in Asia for a reason: it's bursting with deep roasted sesame flavor! It was created by Kewpie which has been making condiments for over 100 years, including its iconic mayonnaise. The dressing is so versatile that you can use it on salads, as a marinade, or even on cold pasta. You'll adore its rich sesame taste.

Common Allergens: Eggs, Wheat, Soy.

Why Is Japanese Salad Dressing So Tasty?

Many Japanese salad dressings utilize Kewpie mayonnaise. If you’ve never tried Kewpie mayo, you’re in for a real treat. What makes it stand out against other mayo companies, is the lack of preservatives and the inclusion of only egg yolks (not whole eggs). Egg yolk makes Japanese mayo more decadent than regular mayo. Other ingredients include a mixture of vinegar (distilled vinegar, rice vinegar, and apple cider vinegar), oil, salt, and MSG or yeast extract. These simple ingredients, along with a special blending machine, helps create the creamiest, tastiest mayo ever.

Top Ways To Use Japanese Salad Dressing

These condiments can “dress” up way more than just salads! Add them to tuna fish for a great tuna salad sandwich or onigiri. Make your own crudite by dipping raw vegetables into the dressings. You can even marinate steak with them. But once you try these dressings on your salad, you may never want to go back to your old favorite condiments!



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