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S&B Pasta Sauce: Tarako Cod Roe

This creamy instant Japanese-style pasta sauce is salty, creamy, umami, and gives classic marinara a run for its money! Tarako is salted cod roe and it is the not-so-secret ingredient for this delicious sauce! Great on rice, pasta, vegetables, and more!

Common Allergens: Milk, Fish, Wheat, Soy.

What’s The Difference Between Tarako and Mentaiko?

Mentaiko is often mistaken for tarako. Both tarako and mentaiko are traditional seafood ingredients in Japan made from salted pollock or cod roe. Mentaiko is marinated in chili peppers and spice, but tarako has only been marinated in salt. 

Tarako is mild and simple: it has a light pink color, and a tender texture. Mentaiko has much more vivid and deep color and flavor than tarako - it tastes  saltier and fishier.

How To Cook With Mentaiko and Tarako

You’re most likely to see mentaiko on the menu as a filling for onigiri rice balls, as a side dish alongside steamed rice, or as a topping for ochazuke (green-tea-over-rice), ramen, and rice bowls. You can use mentaiko in sushi, as a spread when mixed with Japanese mayonnaise, or even make tempura with the cod roe lobe itself.  And the most unexpected yet most common dish that includes mentaiko? The renowned and much loved mentaiko spaghetti!