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Sempio Guk Ganjang Soy Sauce for Soup

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Wondering what the difference is between standard soy sauce and soy sauce for soup? Guk ganjang has a similar delicious umami taste, but it's much saltier and lighter in color than standard soy sauce. Adding this guk ganjang to soups and broths provides a richer flavor and tastier soup. Don't be afraid to add a few drops of this Korean soy sauce into a bowl of Japanese ramen.

Common Allergens: Wheat, Soy.

What Is Ganjang, or Korean Soy Sauce?

Ganjang is the main variety of soy sauce and offers a slightly sweet flavor. It's made from soybean paste, water, and salt. This soy sauce provides a strong umami flavor to stir-fries, marinades, and braised dishes. There are multiple types, including an option known as soup soy sauce.

Types of Ganjang and How To Cook With Them

Yangjo ganjang is a naturally brewed variety of Korean soy sauce. This option is typically higher quality and pricier. It offers a richer soy sauce flavor. Since it's higher in cost, many people use this soy sauce as a dipping sauce and avoid using it in larger quantities.

Jin ganjang is a Korean soy sauce that blends naturally brewed soy sauce with chemically made soy sauce. It's cheaper and offers a similar flavor to yangjo ganjang, though a trained palate can taste a slightly artificial flavor. Since it’s cheaper, many people use this variety of soy sauce for dishes that require larger soy sauce quantities, like braised meat and marinades.