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Squid Brand Fish Sauce

Because fish sauce is arguably the most important ingredient in Thai cooking, Squid Brand Fish Sauce was developed in 1944 to bring a high-quality version of the condiment to the Thai community when demand was high. This premium fish sauce uses simple ingredients to create a salty, fishy, lightly sweet, and flavorful experience! Fish sauce is versatile and you'll love its taste in many dishes like pad thai and nam pla prik (Thai dipping sauce)!

Common Allergens: Fish.

What is Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce is the liquid that results from a fermentation of seafood (typically anchovies) and salt. Fish sauce has been around for over 2300 years, originating in China. Nowadays, the salted condiment can be made from fish or krill and can be fermented for up to two years at a time. Fish sauce is known for its salty, briny, bitter, savory flavor, but there’s also an unexpected sweetness to the condiment.

How Do You Cook With Fish Sauce?

The most common use of fish sauce (and the best way to use it, too) is as a base in more complex dishes, dressings, and dips. It’s not unusual to add additional garnishes such as sugar, ginger, garlic, lime juice, and so much more to fish sauce to customize the flavor to your liking. Some people even use fish sauce in marinara sauce! From broths to pasta sauce, the possibilities of fish sauce are truly endless.



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