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Sugimoto Organic Hibiscus Matcha

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The Sugimoto family has perfected the balance between tradition and innovation with this unique tropical twist on a classic Japanese beverage. Organic, earthy matcha is sweetened with floral hibiscus and monkfruit. Enjoy this cold brew Japanese tea on a hot day for a refreshing satisfaction you won’t soon forget!

What Is Matcha?

Matchais another very popular drink in Japan with a long history. It's a green tea powder used in everything from lattes to simple tea drinks. You'll find matcha as a mixable powder or a prepared tea at Japanese grocery stores.

Green tea has been a popular drink in Japan since the 8th century. It wasn't until the 12th century that matcha powder became a popular version of preserving tea. When drinking matcha, expect a slightly bitter flavor and a bright green distinct color.