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Yai's Thai Red Coconut Curry Sauce

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Elevate your curry game with this delicious red coconut curry sauce from Yai's. This sauce gets its pretty red color from red bell peppers and provides a medium amount of heat. Lime leaves, coriander, and galangal help boost the flavor of this Thai coconut curry sauce. Add in your favorite protein and veggies, and serve it over a warm plate of rice.

Common Allergens: Tree Nuts.

What Is Thai Curry, And How Is It Made?

Thai Curry, or gaeng, is a dish that gets its flavor from prik gaeng (curry paste). There are hundreds of types of curry made throughout Thailand, and can be divided into dishes with and without a coconut milk base. The flavorful curry paste is added to coconut milk or water, simmered with proteins and vegetables, and then can be altered with dried spices at the end of cooking. Curry is so versatile that you can stick any of our ready-made curry pastes or sauces with whatever protein and produce you’d like, and end up with a very tasty meal!