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Launched in 2016, Bokksu started out as a premium monthly box that ships Japanese snacks and teas worldwide. Since then, we’ve expanded on the ways we bridge the rich history and culture of Japan with the rest of the world. In 2018, we created Bokksu Boutique to provide customers access to handcrafted snacks and home decor items found exclusively in Japan.

Now, we are proud to introduce Bokksu Market, a thoughtfully curated online grocery store that delivers Asian pantry items and ingredients right to your door. No matter your cooking experience, our newest service is both inspirational and educational, immersing you into the world of Asian food culture.

From The Founder

I fondly remember childhood trips to the Asian grocery store with my parents, where we’d stock up on the sauces, snacks, and pantry items only found there. But the drive took hours, and after I grew up, I had no idea what to buy if my parents weren’t with me.

Having heard similar stories not just from other children of immigrants, but Americans of all backgrounds, I wanted to make the Asian grocery experience more accessible for everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, location, or how much they know about Asian food. And that’s what we’ve done with Bokksu Market.

I encourage you to come back often as we plan to continually curate and expand our offerings of Asian products from food to beauty to lifestyle!

- Danny Taing


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