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The Story of Bokksu Market

Furthering our mission to bridge cultures through authentic food

Our Founder

After living in Japan, founder Danny Taing fell in love with the delicious local snacks he had discovered.

In 2015...

Danny came back to the US with a suitcase full of snacks to share. His friends and family agreed: the snacks were amazing, but no one could find them in America. Many of the snacks were local specialties made by family businesses that didn’t sell overseas. So Danny decided to change that.

More From Bokksu

Bokksu Snack Box

Launched in 2016, our first product is a monthly subscription of curated authentic Japanese snacks & tea only found in Japan.


Bokksu Boutique

In 2018, we launched Boutique for you to shop collections of snack foods, lifestyle items, and gift boxes from Japan on demand.


Bokksu Market

We started Market in 2021 to help more people access everyday Asian grocery essentials for cooking and eating.


Q & A with Danny

I've tasted over a thousand snacks by now, but my absolute favorite is still the White Strawberry from Nagano Prefecture for its crunchy, tart, and not-too-sweet flavors.

Delivering boxes of delight and culture to like-minded foodies all around the world and hearing their joyous feedback afterwards :)

Everything we do at Bokksu is to realize our purpose of bridging cultures through authentic Asian food. We have a lot of exciting new products coming out soon so sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to know!

About Us


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Shipping, Taxes, and Discounts Calculated at Checkout