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Hunters Haul

Introducing Hunter's Haul's new flavor for our favorite 5-minute meals. Enjoy a bold twist on our classic recipes, packed with high-quality ingredients for a delicious and nutritious meal in no time. Try it now and experience the ultimate quick meal solution.

Amanda’s Picks

Amanda lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and kids. Her children are in high school and college. Her youngest child is in high school while her older children attend college. She can’t wait to be an empty nester. New flavor experiences are always on her to-do list. She will try new dishes at restaurants and new flavors of any retail product. She enjoys venturing into the international section of the grocery store and likes to introduce new flavors to her family through these grocery purchases and mealtime.  Spending time with her family is important. Food brings them together. 

Fisher’s Favorites

Fisher grew up in DC and attended college in the Northeast. Due to her work schedule, she doesn’t have much time to explore new recipes, but will cook at home for herself when needed. She has several go-to recipes, like her famous shepherds pie and ratatouille. Although she enjoys going out to eat, Doordash is on speed dial. She likes eating meat, but sometimes shies away from seafood. Fisher craves savory over sweet. She is open to unique experiences when it comes to snacking rather than mealtime. In her free time, Fisher enjoys illustration, dance, k-pop and learning to skateboard.

Momoko’s Snacks

Momoko is a new mom. She is in her mid-20’s and cares for her 6 months old girl. She is a stay at home mom who likes to keep the house tidy. She has no time to cook and sometimes skips meals due to the baby’s nap/awake schedule. On these tough days, she will have her fill of snacks for sustenance. She is knowledgeable about Asian food due to her family’s heritage. She finds comfort in snacks and drinks from her childhood and likes them even better when they are conveniently delivered to her doorstep. Bokksu is her go to for Asian staples. 

Jasmine’s Japan Obsession

Jasmine had the privilege of visiting Japan last year when she spontaneously tagged along a friend’s trip. She didn’t expect to love the country and culture as much as she did. Jasmine lives in the middle of Kansas, where she normally does not have access to Asian restaurants or grocery stores. She remembers having delicious onigiri (rice ball) from a Japanese convenience store. She found Bokksu when doing her online search for the onigiri ingredients. If this meal is successful, she will make onigiri for her next dinner party. 

Maria’s Munchies

Maria just graduated from college and has started her new job at a nonprofit. Rent is expensive in the city, but believes that experiences are more valuable that material goods. She eats out for most meals and enjoys thrifting when it comes to clothing. She loves hosting friends for karaoke and game night. Maria is a gracious host, so she always has her pantry stocked with snacks and drinks.  She enjoys impressing her friends with her authentic international snacks. 


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