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Nagatanien Ochazuke Rice Seasoning: Salmon (6 servings)

Ochazuke is a popular Japanese meal where hot green tea is poured over rice and seasoned with savory toppings. This umami topping has real freeze-fried sake (salmon), nori, rice crackers, and green tea flavoring, so all you have to do is pour hot water and these seasonings on cooked rice. Now you can enjoy ochazuke the easy way.

Common Allergens: Fish, Shellfish.

What Is Ochazuke, And How Do You Make It?

Ochazuke is a traditional Japanese rice dish and an easy way to use up leftover rice! You simply pour hot tea over the rice. You can eat it plain or top the rice with umeboshi, salmon, or any fish or seafood and then add some more flavor with sesame seeds, shiso, and seaweed.



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