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Onetang Organic Zhi Ma Jiang Sesame Paste

When making this premium sesame paste, sesame seeds are toasted and ground using traditional stone-grinding techniques. This ensures an authentic nutty rich flavor and smooth luscious texture. This sesame paste can be used for cold or hot sesame noodles, drizzled on top of vegetables, or when making traditional desserts like tangyuan! And just between us, this is an incredible price for an organic sesame product like this!

What Is Sesame Paste, And How Do You Cook With It?

Chinese Sesame Paste, or zhi ma jiang, is a thick and intense paste made from toasted white sesame seeds. Think of it as a more amped up version of tahini, the Middle Eastern spread made from raw sesame seeds. You can use sesame paste in cold noodle recipes, hot pot, and even in baked goods and candies.