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Pearl River Bridge Gold Label Sheng Chou Light Soy Sauce

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This gold label light soy sauce is superior to standard soy sauce options. It offers a highly salty flavor that ends on a sweet caramel note. This soy sauce is ideal for dipping, seasoning meat, or adding a touch of flavor to finished dishes. Use it for fish recipes, poultry dishes, or vegetable stir-fries.

Common Allergens: Wheat, Soy.

What is The Difference between Light and Dark Chinese Soy Sauce?

Dark Chinese soy sauce is different than dark Japanese soy sauce. It has a sweeter flavor due to the addition of sugar or molasses. This soy sauce is usually only used for cooked recipes, not dips. For example, you can use dark soy sauce for red braised pork belly. It adds a more decadent texture to dishes as it's slightly viscous.

Light soy sauce is more expensive in China yet is the most common variety you’ll see noted in recipes. If you’re reading a Chinese recipe and it only notes soy sauce, assume it’s talking about light soy sauce. It’s slightly saltier than dark soy sauce and not as sweet. It is great paired with seafood or as a dumpling sauce.



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