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UHA Mikakuto Puchao Gummy Candy Ramune & Cola

Have you ever had a chewy, fizzy, soft candy before? Here's your chance to try the delicious Ramune and cola Puchao candy. Ramune is a Japanese soda with a lemon-lime flavor. You're likely already familiar with the cola flavor! Each candy has a soft, juicy exterior with bits of fizzy candy inside. These fun candies are perfect for sharing with friends or as an afternoon snack.

Common Allergens: Milk, Tree Nuts.

What Is Ramune?

You may recognize Ramune as the Japanese soda (with marble) that features a unique way of opening the bottle (by popping the marble into the container). Ramune comes in many flavors and is found at many restaurants and shops throughout Japan. There are typical flavors like strawberry and more unusual options like chili oil.

Ramune Mocktail Recipes

These fun mocktail recipes will help you beat the heat during summertime! Try them at home, and don't be afraid to get creative with garnishes.

Fruity Ramune Mixer

There’s nothing that screams summer like a peach-flavored drink! Combine half a bottle of Ramune (any fruity flavor) with half a bottle of Junzosen Hakuto White Peach Juice for a sweet, refreshing drink. This mixture is also a great drink to serve at parties!

Sweet Strawberry Sparkler

If strawberries are more your cup of tea, you’ll love this recipe! Use original Ramune (1 bottle) in a 2:1 ratio with Kuze Fuku Strawberry Mixer. This mocktail is an excellent choice for anyone who typically enjoys sweeter cocktails.



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