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Mori-Nu Silken Tofu: Firm

Silken or “Japanese style” tofu is not pressed during manufacturing, so it has a creamy jelly-like texture. Firm silken tofu uses denser soy milk, creating a richer taste and a body that holds together. Packed with plant-based protein, this tofu is a great alternative when stir-frying, sauteing, and grilling!

Common Allergens: Soy.

What Is Mapo Tofu?

Mapo tofu, known in Japanese as mabo dofu, is a Szechuan dish of tofu and minced pork in a fiery sauce. Like many foods from the province, it is traditionally spicy, rich, and—thanks to the Sichuan peppercorn—mouth-numbing. But if you’re not a spice fan, don’t be alarmed! Our mapo tofu mixes come in a variety of spice levels so you can select for your comfort.

How Do You Make Mapo Tofu?

While you can definitely make mapo tofu from scratch, we sell mapo tofu mixes that deliver the flavor you’re looking for with ease! Simply sauté your own tofu and if you want, ground pork, then add the sauce packet to make this dish in a flash.



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