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Kikkoman Unagi Eel Sushi Sauce

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For those disinterested in eel, forget the name—you’ll want this thick, sweet, and savory sauce for just about everything else. Sandwich dressing, marinade, and all manner of Japanese dishes are universally improved by its presence. Missing Japan? Unagi shortages do occur, but if you have access to eel (it’s available frozen!) Kikkoman's Unagi Tare is an absolute necessity for the complete dish.

Common Allergens: Wheat, Soy.

How Do You Make Sushi At Home?

If you love eating at Japanese restaurants and admiring how the sushi chefs create their artful rolls, you may be wondering how you can replicate them at home! First, you want to cook some rice - short grain is preferred! Then you can add seasoned rice vinegar and even vegetables like the Nagatanien Sushitaro Sushi Rice Seasoning to your rice. You can use a variety of protein for sushi, but we always love the convenience of tinned tuna! Take a sheet of nori (shiny side down) and place it on a makisu (bamboo rolling mat). Spread your sushi rice using a shamoji (rice paddle) and add protein. Then roll up your sushi mat and slice into maki rolls or make your big roll into a cone shape for temaki (hand rolls). You can add a drizzle of unagi eel sauce to the finished rolls if you’re feeling fancy and want an extra boost of savory flavor. Don’t forget the soy sauce, gari (pickled ginger) and the wasabi



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