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A Complete Guide to the Lotte Milkis Drink: The Creamy Korean Fizzy Soda Beverage

by Krystina Quintana


Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, and China, are known for producing drinks with unique flavors you normally wouldn't see in the US. The Lotte Milkis soda beverage is certainly no exception to this. This South Korean soft drink is milky, creamy, and carbonated.

It's a drink specifically targeted toward tired teenage students, especially those who have spent long hours studying. Though it's targeted toward teens, it's a delicious drink that people of all ages can enjoy. While this drink originated in South Korea, it is now popular in locations like the US, Russia, and Hong Kong.

Learn more about this unique South Korean soft drink below.

Korean Milkis cans

What Is Milkis?

Milkis is a soft drink produced by the company Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. Like traditional carbonated beverages; it's made with a base of carbonated water and corn syrup (though you may find some options use cane sugar instead). Though it shares some common elements, this drink contains a few ingredients most sodas don't have. For example, it's made with skim milk powder, which helps create its famous creamy taste. It also gets its milky taste from an additional milk flavoring.

This popular beverage was originally launched in 1989. It was advertised in a commercial with Chow Yun-Fat, a Hong Kong actor who gained recognition after appearing in the movie A Better Tomorrow. Originally, Milkis was sold in a can with an image of a woman floating above the city. However, the design has changed through the years, and it is now sold in a soda bottle-like container. You can always recognize Milkis by its slogan, as the label proclaims, "New feeling of soda."

What does a Milkis taste like?

If you've never had Milkis before, you can expect a sweet and creamy taste accented by the sparkling carbonation. It's been compared to drinking a tangy Sprite and vanilla ice cream float. This drink is similar to a sparkling Calpico. This drink is sweet but not too sweet, making it a more refreshing option.

What is Milkis in Korean?

If you visit South Korea (or a Korean market), you can ask for Milkis by requesting "milkiseu(Milkis in Korean). The name of this yogurt milk drink is actually a combination of the words "soft milk" and "sweet kiss."

Can you get Milkis in the US?

Yes! Since its popularity has grown through the years, getting Milkis in the US has become easier. Many local Asian markets have Milkis in the refrigerated aisle with various flavors available. If you don't have an Asian market near you (or can't find Milkis at your local spot), you can purchase the Lotte Milkis Soft Drink at Bokksu, an online shop for Asian groceries.

Lotte Milkis Soft Drink

This popular Korean soft drink features a balanced mixture of milk and carbonated water to create its sweet and creamy taste that has become popular globally! It was created specifically for teens and people in their young 20s to give them a boost while studying long hours. Don’t wait! Grab yours today!

Common Allergens: Milk, Soy.

50.7 oz

Is Milkis made with real milk?

Technically, Milkis is not made with real milk. Instead, it's made with a skim milk powder and milk flavoring. However, the flavoring and powdered milk create a milky flavor (and color) in this drink.

Banana Milkis

Is carbonated milk a thing?

Yes, carbonated milk is a real drink! It's more commonly consumed in East Asian countries than in the US. However, it is a real product. Milkis is technically carbonated milk, even though it uses powdered milk instead of milk in its liquid form. Carbonated yogurt drinks, like the Sparkling Yogurt Soda from OKF, also exist.

Lotte Milkis Soft Drink: Melon (6-pack)

The popular Korean Milkis soft drink has gotten a melon makeover! Still sweet, milky, and bubbly, but now with the juicy taste of melon! Whether it’s road trips or picnics, this refreshing canned beverage is the perfect drink companion!

Common Allergens: Milk, Soy.

6 x 8.45 oz

What happens if I carbonate milk?

Combining milk (as a liquid) with soda or carbonated water will lead to a curdled milk drink. You'll also notice the milk and soda separating, leaving behind an unappealing drink. When creating carbonated milk, using a milk powder or a diluted version of milk is essential. These ingredients help prevent separation and curdling.

3 flavors Korean Milkis

Is soda milk a thing?

Soda milk is another way of saying carbonated milk. In short, yes, soda milk is a thing. However, you're more likely to see it at an Asian market than a regular store in the US.

Milkis Flavors

Milkis has quite a few flavors to choose from besides Milkis Original. You can enjoy options like orange, strawberry, banana, peach, apple, and melon Milkis. A few versions of Milkis also have lactobacillus for a more easy-to-digest drink. In total, there are eleven Milkis flavors available (including the melon flavor!).

Lotte Milkis Soft Drink: Original (6-pack)

Milkis is a popular Korean carbonated soft drink flavored with milk and yogurt for a sweet and creamy taste experience! Now offered in a 6-pack of cans, enjoy this refreshing pick-me-up whenever, wherever!

Common Allergens: Milk, Soy.

6 x 8.45 oz

How much caffeine is in a Milkis?

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), Milkis is caffeine-free, even though it's intended for tired students. It's also free from preservatives. So, it's perfectly safe for those of all ages to consume.

Is Milkis a cream soda?

While the flavor of Milkis is similar to a cream soda, it does have different ingredients than the American version of cream soda. US cream soda doesn't have any milk powder or milk flavoring. Though, it is made with natural and artificial flavors. Milkis is considered a Korean cream soda beverage.

If you're in the mood for more Korean drinks, check out Bokksu Market. You'll find various options here, from creamy milk drinks to drinkable konjac jelly. There are also yummy snacks to pair with your new drinks!

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Krystina Quintana is a 29-year-old copywriter living outside of Chicago, IL. Her passion for Asian culture began at a young age as she learned to create Asian-inspired recipes like homemade sushi with her family. This interest in Asian culture continues today with time spent in the kitchen and copywriting pursuits. Krystina has worked with customers ranging from small businesses to food Youtubers with 70,000+ subscribers. With a passion for food and travel, she seeks to help businesses bring traffic to their page by writing blog posts that are engaging, informative, and fun to read.
A Complete Guide to the Lotte Milkis Drink


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