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Magazine - Bokksu Market

Sake and mirin are perhaps two of the most well known exports of Japanese cooking. While they’re both rice wines, there are still some differences between them

  • 4 min read

Rice wine (mirin) and rice vinegar play an essential role in all kinds of Japanese dishes. They're not the same thing.

Tarakoand mentaiko are both Japanese cod roe types often seen throughout Japanese cuisine. Learn the difference between the two and how it tastes.

Our Temaki recipe lets you enjoy the taste of sushi without having to master difficult and time consuming techniques.

  • 2 min read

Tonkatsu sauce is a thick sauce served with tonkatsu, Japanese pork cutlets. It is a Worcestershire-type sauce.

  • 5 min read
Kabayaki is a method of grilling fish in Japanese cooking and kabayaki sauce, is a sweet, soy sauce based glaze used to prepare this fish!
Mochi donuts are a popular Japanese dessert that are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside! Learn how to make pon de ring at home with Bokksu Market!

Tsuyu, also known as mentsuyu, is a multi-purpose, versatile condiment that can be used as a dipping sauce and as a soup base for Japanese noodle soup. Tsuyu is used as a broth for many dishes and cuisines.

Panko is the Japanese version of breadcrumbs. Use as a crunchy addition to casseroles, or a coating to fry foods. Learn how to use this versatile ingredient!
Okonomiyaki is a popular savory pancake consisting of a mix of ingredients such as cabbage, meat, and seafood in a flour batter. Learn more on Bokksu Market!
Chuno sauce is a Japanese sauce with a fruity, spicy, and sweet flavor profile. It's used as a marinade and dip for tempura dishes. Read on to learn more!
Soy paper is primarily used as an alternative to seaweed (nori) sheets when making sushi. It's made with many flavorful ingredients, read on to learn more!


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