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Crunchy Sushi Roll Recipe

by Tiffoodss

Whether you are a long-time lover of sushi or just warming up your palette, this crunchy sushi roll will not disappoint! For starters, this sushi roll recipe does not include any raw fish, so it’s the perfect introduction to sushi if you are a little hesitant about trying sushi.

Crunchy Sushi Roll

Sushi is a popular Japanese food that is made from shari (vinegar rice) and raw fish and seafood. There are many types of sushi including nigiri, maki, temaki sushi. I am using a technique called uramaki which means the rice is on the outside and seaweed wraps around the filling.

Crunchy roll is not a traditional Japanese food but adapted and Americanized to fit the western palate. Crunchy rolls usually include some sort of tempura (fried batter) which gives the crunchy texture. In this recipe, we are using premade crunchy tempura flakes on the outside for a quick and easy sushi roll.

For the filling, I am combining canned tuna with kewpie mayo and soy sauce to create a tuna mayo filling which is a popular filling in Japan and pairs perfectly with rice. I am also including cucumbers for the refreshing crunch as well as tamagoyaki for a slight sweetness and vibrant color. Feel free to incorporate whatever filling you enjoy as sushi rolls can be very versatile and adjustable to your liking! The one thing I would recommend for a crunchy roll is using the eel sauce as it adds flavor and ties the dish together. It adds the perfect sweet and salty combination without overpowering the rest of the ingredients.


Sushi rice:

1 cup rice

Fujii Niigata Iwafune Koshihikari Rice: 4.4 lb

2 tbsp seasoned rice vinegar

Kikkoman Seasoned Sushi Rice Vinegar


Tuna can (2.5 oz)

Ito Shokuhin Light Flaked Tuna In Oil

1 tbsp Kewpie mayo

Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise: Original Tube

1 tsp Soy sauce

Kikkoman Double Fermented Soy Sauce




Tempura flakes

Yamahide Tenkasu Tempura Flakes

Eel sauce

Kikkoman Unagi Eel Sushi Sauce


  1. Cook rice
  2. Mix cooked rice with seasoned vinegar in an oke or bowl and set aside
  3. Place nori on a bamboo mat (this makes it easier to roll and shape)
  4. On the nori, place rice and slightly press down
  5. Sprinkle tempura flakes on rice
  6. Using plastic wrap, gently press the tempura flakes on the rice
  7. Flip nori sheet so the rice is at the bottom and nori is facing up
  8. Place fillings on top of the nori sheet
  9. Taking the bottom of the nori sheet, roll the nori over the filling and to the other side of the nori sheet
  10. Press firmly making a cylindrical shape. You want to press firmly so the sushi will stay in place but not too hard otherwise the filling will all spill out.
  11. Remove plastic wrap and cut in 8 equal pieces
  12. Plate and sprinkle extra tempura flakes, green onion, and eel sauce
  13. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi and ENJOY

By Tiffoodss

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Crunchy Sushi Roll Recipe


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