Honey Yuzu Mocktail Recipe

by Tiffoodss

The flavors of this honey yuzu drink make it the perfect refreshing drink for the summer. Since this is a mocktail, there is no alcohol present and is perfect for both children and adults.

The best part of a mocktail is that you can enjoy all the different blends of fruits and syrup without having to limit yourself to a drink or two. Trust me, this yuzu mocktail will have you coming back for more!

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a popular Japanese citrus fruit that is very fragrant and sour. Yuzu is not a citrus that is eaten straight like an orange or pomelo, but rather used for its juice and zest. It is oftentimes compared to a lemon or grapefruit, however, it has its own unique distinct fragrance and flavor.

It is also a versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed in a savory dish, sweet dessert, or in drinks such as this one. Yuzu fragrance can also be enjoyed outside of the culinary world as perfumes or used in baths.

Yuzu is not a common citrus fruit sold in grocery stores outside of Japan. However, there are many yuzu flavored items or bottled juices that can be purchased. Although it is not nearly as flavorful as using fresh yuzu, it is a great alternative if you want to enjoy the yuzu fragrance.

Sugi Bee Garden Fruit Juice Infused Honey: Yuzu

I am using Yuzu & Honey from SBG. This is a yuzu infused honey that is perfect for this mocktail. Yuzu & Honey can also be used on top of yogurt, toast, or in desserts or other hot or cold drinks.

I am also using a candied yuzu stick that will also add more flavor and texture to this drink. These two key ingredients made it the perfect refreshing drink especially for the warmer months!


Kimino Sparkling Water: Mikan Orange
  • Mikan sparkling water
  • Ice


  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Lemon and lime for decoration


  1. In a glass cup, put a few pieces of candied yuzu stick

  2. Drizzle in yuzu & honey. I used about two tbsp but adjust sweetness to your liking

  3. Place ice in cup

  4. Pour in Mikan sparkling water

  5. Garnish with fresh rosemary

  6. Add lemon and lime on the rim of the cup for decoration

  7. Stir and enjoy!

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