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Instant Ramen Hacks: Upgrade Your Cup Noodles!

by Jillian Giandurco

Did you know that there are so many different ways to upgrade everyone’s favorite quick and easy meal, ramen noodles? Thanks to Bokksu Market, it’s true! At Bokksu Market, there are so many great ingredients, add-ins, and extras to choose from, it feels like you’re walking through the aisles of your local Asian grocery store every time you visit the site! To familiarize you with our wide selection of foods and beverages, try these instant ramen hacks with the products found on Bokksu Market.

The easiest way to take your cup noodles to the next level is with the help of some spices. We recommend including the following spices in your next ramen dinner: Yawataya Ichimi Chili Pepper Spice and Yawataya Shichimi Togarashi Pepper. If you’re not familiar, ichimi uses dried and crushed chili peppers to create a warm level of heat that is comparable to mustard or pepper. The shichimi (or seven spice) powder, on the other hand, is made with a much wider range of ingredients, like ginger, sansho Japanese peppers, black sesame, dried orange peel, and more to give it its classic citrusy yet savory flavor. Yawataya, the spice manufacturer, has been making spices for over 200 years, so you know you’re always getting the real deal when you shop Yawataya.Yawataya Ichimi Chili Pepper Spice

Or, if you’re more into seasoning than spices, our selection of furikake has got you covered. Furikake is a dry Japanese condiment that can be used in all sorts of dishes, including ramen noodles. At Bokksu Market, we sell Ajishima Furikake Nori Tamago, which is made with a blend of sesame, nori, bonito flakes, and dried tamago (egg) bits, Katsuo Fumi Bonito (made with seaweed bits, sesame seeds, salt, tasty spices, and bonito flakes), and Seto Fumi (made with seaweed bits, sesame seeds, bonito flakes, salt, and tasty spices) furikake.


Ajishima Furikake Nori Tamago

Another simple way to change up your ramen routine is by adding Ajinomoto Hondashi Soup Stock to your mix.


Ajinomoto Hondashi Soup Stock

This powder will give your meal that much needed umami kick and will help you create flavorful dashi, the base of numerous Japanese soups such as miso, oden, shabu shabu, and of course, ramen. Or, you can add a little extra garlic flavor with the Oroshi Garlic Paste. The intense paste flavor gets its name from oroshi, or a strong gust of wind, so you can trust that this little bottle definitely knows how to pack a punch!

Oroshi Garlic Paste

But the best way to hack your bowl of ramen noodles is with these delicious add-ins. If you’re looking for an extra ingredient that packs a punch, the Lee Kum Kee Chiu Chow Style Chili Oil. This spicy oil is made with tightly packed peppers and is mixed with soybean oil to create a crunchy, savory, and umami flavor that can’t be beat.

Lee Kum Kee Chiu Chow Style Chili Oil

Or, if you’re a kimchi fan, you should definitely make sure to add the Wang Tinned Stir-Fry Kimchi to your next order. This unique version of kimchi uses Chinese cabbage, hot pepper powder, sugar, and butter for a sweet yet spicy pickled vegetable add-in.

Wang Tinned Stir-Fry Kimchi

Finally, if you prefer to keep the spices to a minimum, these add-ins are for you. Just as the name implies, the Momoya Zasai Pickled Mustard Stem comes from a pickled mustard plant stem for an intriguing blend of savory, sour, and salty.

Momoya Zasai Pickled Mustard Stem

Meanwhile, the Momoya Menma Pickled Bamboo Shoots don’t contain much spice at all, if any. These menma tastefully combine sour, salty, and sweet flavors thanks to the soy sauce, salt, and sesame oil they’re made with.

Momoya Menma Pickled Bamboo Shoots

Last but certainly not least, a great way to hack your cup noodles is by adding some J-Basket Inari no Moto Seasoned Fried Bean Curd to your meal. This inari no moto is prepared by deep frying tofu and simmering it in a mix of mirin, dashi, and soy sauce. These pouches are sure to add a delightfully chewy texture to your dish, as well as a mouthwatering tangy and seasoned flavor.

J-Basket Inari no Moto Seasoned Fried Bean Curd

Get a jump start on these crowd-pleasing ramen hacks and order your groceries online at Bokksu Market. This Asian grocery delivery service lets you order groceries online, so you can spend less time at the grocery store, and more time at the dinner table.

By Jillian Giandurco

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Jillian Giandurco works primarily as a Trending News Writer for Elite Daily, where she writes about all things Food, Travel, and Tech related. Brands she has covered in the past include Kit Kat, Hershey’s, Expedia, and many more.
Instant Ramen Hacks: Upgrade Your Cup Noodles!


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