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Korean Barbecue Recipe

by Tiffoodss

It’s 8pm on a Saturday night and you and your friends decide to go to your favorite Korean barbeque restaurant for its perfectly marinated short ribs and freshly grilled vegetables. However, you soon realize there is a 2 hour wait for this restaurant. Currently in the United States, there is a huge increase in the popularity of Korean barbeque and the long wait is almost inevitable. But what if I told you that you could get this perfectly marinated meat at the comfort of your home without the long wait?

 Korean Barbecue Recipe: Assorted Korean Meats and Sauces

With the short rib korean barbeque sauce and the bulgogi korean barbeque sauce, you can recreate this experience so easily! First, pick out your favorite cuts of meat. This can be anything from short ribs, chicken, seafood, pork belly - anything you like! You can grill the meat as is, or if you want to elevate it a bit, marinate it in the korean barbeque sauce. The sweet, tangy sauce will definitely have you coming back for more. Even if this sauce is listed as short rib or bulgogi, don’t be limited to using it for just those meats. Feel free to marinate any protein or even veggies for that korean barbeque flavor. 

 Korean Barbecue Recipe: Assorted Korean Meats and Vegetables

How do you eat Korean barbeque? You can eat the meat and veggies as is or wrap it in lettuce for a crunchy refreshing bite. To make a lettuce wrap, take lettuce and layer a perilla leaf on top. Then place a piece of meat in the center of the lettuce, add in a choice of condiments/ garnishes, wrap, and enjoy. Condiments and garnishes can range from different types of sauce, garlic, chili slices, green onion etc. This is to add additional flavor and texture to your liking. You can also enjoy the meat and veggies simply with a side of white rice.

 Korean Barbecue Recipe: Full Spread of Korean Barbecue Ingredients

So the next time you have an urge to eat Korean barbecue, try this at home by yourself or with company. You will not be disappointed. 


Short Rib Korean Barbecue Sauce

Bulgogi Korean Barbecue Sauce 

Meat of choice 

Bell peppers 


2 ziploc bags 


Perilla leaves 



Perilla leaves 

Jalapeno slices

Buldak sauce


  1. In a ziploc bag, place meat of choice
  2. Pour over Korean Barbecue sauce until the meat is coated all around 
  3. Marinate the meat for at least 30 min or overnight 
  4. Do the same for all cuts of meat that you want to marinate 
  5. Prepare side ingredients such as lettuce, perilla leaves, jalapeno slices
  6. On a grill or pan, cook meat and vegetables 
  7. Wrap meat, veggies, and jalapeno slice in lettuce 
  8. Pour on buldak sauce for the extra heat
  9. Enjoy 


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Korean Barbecue Recipe | Bokksu Market


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