Pocky Vs. Pejoy: What's the Difference?

by Krystina Quintana

Pocky and Pejoy are two delicious beloved Japanese snacks that satisfy sweet cravings. It's easy to confuse these snacks as they're both created and sold by the same company (Glico). While these snacks may appear similar and taste nearly identical (you can purchase them in packs of sugary snack sticks), they each provide a separate appeal. Below, you’ll find information on how to tell them apart – plus some delicious food pairings!

What's the Difference Between Pocky and Pejoy?

There is one main difference between Pocky and Pejoy, and that's where the delicious flavor is. Pocky is a biscuit stick half dipped in chocolate or other flavors. In comparison, Pejoy is a biscuit filled with chocolate and other flavors.

Since Pejoy has the filling on the interior, the flavor reaches from end to end. Whereas Pocky has one end dipped in flavor, and the other plain as the uncoated end is meant for use as a handle to avoid a sticky mess.

Yes, it's that simple! So, why make two snacks that are so similar?

Chocolate Pocky

The History of Pocky Sticks

Chocolate-dipped Pocky sticks were invented in 1966 by Ezaki Glico. This snack was met with immediate success and requests for additional Pocky flavors, which translated into adding almond and strawberry options ten years after its release.

From there, Pocky snacks were diversified to target both adults and children by adding additional flavors. This snack, at this point, had become a popular drink stirring utensil.

Eventually, this delightful Japanese snack reached China in 1995 and became known as “Bai-qi” in the country. With the jump in popularity, it's easy to see why part of their message is opening a box and watching smiles and happiness spread.

The available flavors include Glico Pocky: Strawberry, Glico Pocky: Chocolate, Glico Pocky: Cookies & Cream, and Glico Pocky: Matcha Green Tea.

If you have a chance to visit Japan, you'll even be able to try the elusive chocolate banana flavor!

Chocolate Pejoy

The History of Pejoy

While there is ample information on the history of Pocky, Pejoy is much more mysterious. A jump to Glico’s website only describes the biscuit filled with a variety of sweet creams. It’s known that Pejoy was created after Pocky, as it is nicknamed "inside out Pocky."

Glico came out with Pejoy after realizing that the flavoring on the exterior of Pocky sticks was melting and creating a messy experience. The filling was added to the inside of the cookie, and Pejoy was created to avoid this conundrum.

Some available Pejoy flavors include Pejoy: Chocolate, Pejoy: Cookies & Cream, Pejoy: Matcha Green Tea.

Pairing These Japanese Snacks

Now that you can easily walk into a store and point out the difference between Pocky and Pejoy, it's time to discuss what to pair with each snack. Sure, you could include them as a snack in your lunch bag and call it a day. But, where's the fun in that?

We've put together our favorite combos, including drink and snack mixes along with some fun, unexpected options.

1. For on the go: Itoen Oi Ocha Green Tea: Matcha + Glico Pocky: Matcha Green Tea.

This combination gives the nod to one of Pocky’s popular uses – a drink stirrer.

2. Afternoon Pick-me-up: UCC Craftman’s Drip Coffee Mild Blend (8 bags) + Pejoy: Chocolate.

Pejoy and coffee are the perfect pair for an afternoon boost of energy.

3. Unexpected Combo: Boba Kit: Taro Tea + Glico Pocky: Strawberry.

The flavor combination of taro boba and strawberry pocky might not seem like a great fit, but they work perfectly as a sweet treat.

4. Snack Tray: Mini Baumkuchen: Strawberry + Mochi Monaka: Ogura (8 pieces) + Pocky: Cookies & Cream + Pejoy: Matcha Green Tea.

Set up a snack tray with these favorite sweet treats for a multitude of flavors and tasty options.

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By Krystina Quintana

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