Temaki Sushi Recipe

by Tiffoodss

Have you ever had a craving for sushi but felt like it was impossible to make at home? Luckily for you, Temaki Sushi lets you enjoy the taste of great sushi without having to master difficult and time consuming techniques involved with making nigiri sushi or musubi. One of the best parts of making temaki at home is you get to fill it with any ingredient you want. Grab a few ingredients of choice and you have a perfectly delicious temaki.


Temaki roughly translates to hand wrap, and it really captures what temaki sushi really is - rice and filling loosely wrapped in seaweed. Temaki sushi generally consists of much of the same ingredients as other types of sushi with a much easier preparation and presentation. Temaki sushi can be a quick snack that you can eat on the go, an easy meal for yourself or for a temaki making party with a group of friends. 

Temaki Sushi Recipe: Assorted Sushi Hand Rolls 

Having a temaki making party is an engaging and fun idea if you are hosting for a group of people. All you have to do is lay out several ingredients such as: sashimi pieces, seafood, imitation crab, avocado slices, microgreens, shiso leaves, fish eggs, etc. Since everyone can fill their temaki with any ingredients of choice, it eliminates your worries about the likes and dislikes of the party. One person’s ideal temaki may be filled with salmon sashimi, shiso leaf, and ikura (fish eggs). However, the next person over may prefer to have a vegan/vegetarian temaki filled with avocado and microgreens. The options are limitless! 


The most difficult part of temaki is mastering the rolling part. Try to not overly stuff the temaki. A thin layer of rice on half a sheet of nori, one piece of sashimi, and a bit of microgreens is enough for one temaki. If you get too greedy, the nori will not wrap around in a cone-like shape. This may take a few tries but that is ok because it’ll all taste great! 





  1. Gather your ingredients 
  2. In sushi oke, put cooked rice 
  3. Then sprinkle seasoned rice vinegar all over rice 
  4. Gently fold rice in cutting motion being careful not to mush the rice grains 
  5. Once its fully combined, sushi rice is ready for use 
  6. Take the temaki nori sheet and lay down sushi rice on half of nori 
  7. Place shiso leave, sashimi, microgreens diagonally across in the center of the sushi rice 
  8. Take the bottom left of the nori and roll the nori up in a cone-like shape 
  9. Keep rolling until cone shape is formed


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