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The Best Holiday Gifts For Asian Food Lovers

by Krystina Quintana

It's that time of year again when families gather for the holidays and share in cheer, good food, and laughter. It's also the time of year when many struggle to pick the perfect holiday gift, especially for the foodies in their lives. Luckily, we've crafted a list of the top holiday gifts from our Winter Collection for food enthusiasts that will bring your loved ones a smile (and happy tastebuds!).

These Asian grocery delights help loved ones explore Asian culture, enjoy unique flavors, and find new favorite treats. So, you can skip the gift card for the Asian food lovers in your life and instead opt for these delicious holiday gifts!

Asian friends celebrating christmas

Gift Ideas: Unwrapping the Magic of Japanese Snacks

Perhaps the person you're shopping for is on the adventurous side. If that's the case, they'll want to try one of the following unique Japanese snacks. These Asian grocery gifts are perfect holiday gifts (and stocking stuffers!).

Takumiya Ocha Green Tea Tart

These Takumiya Ocha Green Tea Tarts will be unlike anything you (or the receiver of this gift) have ever tasted. They're made with a decadent bittersweet matcha filling and a deliciously rich tart crust. These tarts are not only a culinary delight but also beautiful, making them even more exciting to eat!

Takumiya Ocha Green Tea Tart (6 pieces)

These ocha (Japanese tea) tarts are to die for! They feature a deliciously decadent tart crust and a rich matcha topping. These green tea tarts are sweet but not too sweet. So, they're perfect as a snack throughout the day. Enjoy this six-pack with a freshly brewed cup of tea.

Common Allergens: Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Soy.

5.07 oz

Wakao Ninja Cookies

Here's a fun gift that's ideal for the kid (or kid at heart!) on your list. These Wakao Ninja Cookies come in a shuriken (ninja star) shape, making them fun to eat and play with. They also feature a delicious cocoa flavor and crunchy consistency. You may even want to buy a second 12-pack to serve to guests on the holidays.

Wakao Ninja Cookies (12 pieces)

Practice your ninja skills with these yummy, crunchy cocoa Ninja Cookies! They come in the shape of shuriken (aka ninja stars), making them easier to toss into your mouth during snack time. With each crunch of these cookies, you'll feel your ninja powers strengthening (and your hunger decreasing). These also make a great gift for kids (and those who are kids at heart!).

Pro Tip: Dunk these ninja cookies into tea for a flavor boost!

Common Allergens: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy. Processed in a Facility That Also Contains: Peanuts.

3.16 oz

Chocolate Delights: Indulgent Treats for the Sweet Tooth

Get the sweet lover on your list something to help satisfy their cravings - a delightful chocolate treat! Here are a few ideas for giftees who cherish sweet indulgences.

Yasuda Premium Milk Langue de Chat Cookies

These exquisite buttery cookies are filled with a delightful chocolate filling made with Yasuda milk (known for its high-quality and thicker consistency). The creamy, decadent chocolate filling perfectly compliments the thin, crispy langue de chat cookies. This pack of Yasuda Premium Milk Langue de Chat Cookies comes with individually wrapped treats that are great for snacking on the go. You can also easily split them up to add to multiple stockings.

Yasuda Premium Milk Langue De Chat Cookies (18 pieces)

These premium milk langue de chat cookies are a real treat! They're made with Yasuda milk, known for having a thicker consistency. Each buttery, crispy langue de chat cookie sandwich has a decadent, creamy chocolate filling. Pair these delicious cookies with a cup of milk for a sweet break during the day. This 18-piece box is also perfect for gifting!

Common Allergens: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts (Coconut), Wheat, Soy. Processed in a Facility That Also Contains: Other Tree Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds, Chestnuts), Fish, Shellfish.

6.34 oz

Belgium Dark Chocolate Madeleine Cookies Gift Box

Give the gift of indulgent dark chocolate cookies if you want to stay on your loved one's sweet side! This Belgium Dark Chocolate Madeleine Cookies Gift Box features five delectable soft cookies that won't last long in any household. Each cookie has a decadent dark chocolate taste and moist texture.

Belgium Dark Chocolate Madeleine Cookies Gift Box (5 pieces)

These decadent madeleine cookies feature a delicious dark chocolate flavor. They're soft, rich in flavor, and uber-tasty! Enjoy this five-piece box with hot tea. Or, gift it to loved ones so they can enjoy a sweet treat.

Common Allergens: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts (Almonds), Wheat, Soy.

6.34 oz

Holiday Gift Guide: Curated Asian Snacks for Every Palate

Instead of opting for safe options for foodies, like caramel popcorn, take a chance on the Asian snacks below. They're the ideal holiday gift, providing a yummy experience and a happy belly for everyone involved.

Kanazawa Assorted Mousse Gift Box

If you have someone on your list who loves creamy, fruity treats, you'll want to check out the Kanazawa Assorted Mousse Gift Box. Each 10-pack includes an assortment of flavors, including original, mango, and strawberry. These rich mousse cups are refreshing and even more delicious after they've been chilled in the fridge. They also make great gifts for friends and family who love hosting, as this pack can be used as a tasty dessert for gatherings.

Kanazawa Assorted Mousse Gift Box (10-pack)

No need to look any further for foodie gifts - this is the perfect option! This yummy gift pack comes with ten assorted yogurt mousse cups. Creamy, flavorful, and delicious, your loved ones will want this gift pack for every occasion! Each 10-pack comes with three flavors: mango, strawberry, and original.

Pro Tip: Keep these mousse cups refrigerated for the best flavor/consistency.

Common Allergens: Milk, Soy.

26.5 oz

Hokka Ribbon Biscuits Gift Box

Know any Sanrio fans? If so, they'll go crazy for this Hokka Ribbon Biscuits Gift Box. Inside this gift box are six crunchy cookies made with Hokkaido milk. Every cookie is adorned with an adorable Sanrio character, like Hello Kitty. There are 30 possible character designs, so every gift box is a unique experience!

Hokka Ribbon Biscuits Gift Box (6 packs) 'Tis the season for gift-giving! Get ahead on Christmas shopping with these adorable Ribbon biscuits. With 30 character designs, you'll be surprised with every box you buy!

Enjoy these crunchy Hokkaido milk biscuits with a glass of milk or mug of tea.

Common Allergens: Milk, Wheat, Soy. Processed in a Facility That Also Contains: Eggs.
3.16 oz

The Sweet Surprise: Indulgent Treats from the Winter Collection

Help your friends and family feel fancy by gifting them one of the indulgent Asian grocery treats below.

Takara Yokohama Butter Sandwich Cookies

One bite of these Takahara Yokohama Butter Sandwich Cookies, and your loved ones will be hooked! Each buttery cookie has a deliciously rich buttercream filling. To make these crunchy cookies even more exciting, they feature images of famous attractions in Yokohama, so anyone who receives this gift can also indulge in traveling through food.

Takara Yokohama Butter Sandwich Cookies (16 pieces)

Here's a fun gift for foodies and travel lovers! These Yokohama Butter Sandwich Cookies are delicious and offer a unique experience. They're decorated with images of Yokohama's famous locations. With 16 designs in total, you'll be surprised each time you open a cookie wrapper.

With each bite, you'll notice a crunchy, buttery biscuit exterior. Inside these cookie sandwiches is a decadent buttercream filling. There's also a light salt topping to help balance out the sweetness.

Common Allergens: Milk, Wheat. Processed in a Facility That Also Contains: Eggs, Peanuts.

4.79 oz

Yasuda Kuro Galette Black Cookies

Like the Yasuda langue de chat cookies, these delicious galette cookies are made with rich Yasuda milk. They also feature a unique taste, as they're crafted with a black cocoa flavor. This black cocoa provides a delicious bittersweet taste and rich, dark color. Bonus - There are ten pieces in this Yasuda Kuro Galette Black Cookies pack, so these treats will last loved ones quite a while.

Yasuda Kuro Galette Black Cookies (10 pieces)

Best-By: March 1, 2024

This 10-piece cookie pack is perfect for those who want something sweet but not too sweet! These yummy galette black cookies are made with premium Yasuda milk. They're crunchy, slightly bitter, and feature a delightful kuro (black) cocoa flavor. Dunk these cookies in milk and enjoy!

Common Allergens: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts (Coconut), Wheat, Soy.

7.05 oz

Savory Selections: Gourmet Asian Snacks for the Festive Season

Some prefer sweet goodies, and some would rather dig into savory, salty snacks. This list is for those in the second category! Each treat features rich, bold, or umami flavors.

Tekka Musashi Assorted Crunchy Rice Crackers

This impressive 27-piece box of crispy rice crackers is perfect for the person in your life who has trouble settling on one flavor. Inside each Tekka Musashi Assorted Crunchy Rice Crackers box are nine individual packs separated into four flavors: black sesame, soy sauce, matcha, and seaweed. With flavors ranging from nutty to bittersweet and umami forward, there's no way you can go wrong with gifting your mom, brother, best friend (or other loved one) with this savory snack.

Tekka Musashi Assorted Crunchy Rice Crackers (27 pieces)

We've found the perfect gift for Japanese snack lovers! This assorted crunchy rice cracker pack is everything you could want and more. It comes with nine individually wrapped packs with three yummy crackers per pack. This box is split into four flavors: black sesame, soy sauce, matcha, and seaweed. They're crunchy, flavorful, and super tasty!

Common Allergens: Eggs, Wheat, Soy.

9.8 oz

Tekka Yamato Assorted Thin Rice Crackers

Another great option for savory snackers is the Tekka Yamato Assorted Thin Rice Crackers box. Like the above option, this pack comes with an assortment of flavors, including soy sauce, seaweed, black peppercorn, and sesame brown rice. With four flavors to choose from, there's something to satisfy any craving. This rice cracker box features crispy, thin crackers with bold seasoning for the ultimate snack.

Tekka Yamato Assorted Thin Rice Crackers (8 pieces)

Yamato, meaning great harmony, is the perfect way to describe these assorted crispy rice crackers! Inside the package, you'll find four flavors: soy sauce, seaweed, black peppercorn, and sesame brown rice. If you can never decide on one flavor of rice crackers, this is the perfect snack option!

Common Allergens: Fish, Wheat, Soy.

7.4 oz

The Art of Gifting: Best Gifts from Bokksu Market's Winter Collection

The people on your holiday shopping list deserve nothing but the best. So, why not give them the Winter Collection's top gift choices?

Bourbon Roanne Selection Assorted Cookies

These wafer cookies are crispy, light, and filled with three delicious flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. The Bourbon Roanne Selection Assorted Cookies are the perfect holiday gift, as they are individually wrapped. That means they can share (or hide) as many of the cookies as they'd like.

Bourbon Roanne Selection Assorted Cookies (28 pieces)

Who doesn't like getting cookies for the holidays? Gift this delicious selection of Bourbon Roanne assorted cookies to loved ones to keep yourself on the Nice List this year. Each pack comes with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry-flavored gaufrettes (wafer cookies). They're crispy, delicious, and always a crowd-pleaser.

Common Allergens: Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Soy.

Sale $12.99 Regular $18.99 32% OFF
7.05 oz

Shoei Cacao De Chocolat Cookies Gift Box

These yummy cookies are made with an addictive, rich chocolate taste. Every bite of the treats in this Shoei Cacao De Chocolat Cookies Gift Box offers a decadent experience. Bonus- This pack comes with 15 cookies, so it's enough for loved ones to share (or hide away for a sweet treat throughout the week).

Shoei Cacao De Chocolat Cookies Gift Box (15 pieces)

These decadent chocolate cookies are a must-try! Packed with a rich chocolate flavor, you won't want to stop munching on them! Enjoy them yourself. Or, gift them to loved ones. Each box comes with 15 mouthwatering cookies.

Common Allergens: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts (Coconut, Almonds), Wheat, Soy.

8.99 oz

Festive Flavors: Exploring Unique Asian Snacks for the Holidays

For those who want to give the gift of the holiday spirit, you'll love these festive options! They're sure to turn even your grinchy friends and family into Christmas carolers this holiday season.

Glico Winter Melty Pocky

What's more holiday-like than a Pocky flavor specifically made as a winter flavor? This yummy Glico Winter Melty Pocky features melt-in-your-mouth chocolate dusted with cocoa powder for a bolder chocolate flavor. The rich chocolate encases a crispy cookie stick, making this an easy snack to eat mess-free. We recommend making a holiday gift basket with this yummy treat or using it for stocking stuffers.

Glico Winter Melty Pocky

This flavor is a winter exclusive! The name, fuyu no kuchidoke means winter melt and hints at the lovely texture of the chocolate that melts-in-the-mouth as you savor each bite. These special chocolate Pocky also has a dusting of rich cocoa powder for a more chocolatey flavor.

Common Allergens: Milk, Wheat, Soy. May also contain: Eggs, Peanuts.

Please Note: If temperatures in your location are above 28°C (82°F), this chocolate product may get heat damaged in transit. We cannot be held responsible for any temperature-related damages caused during shipping.

1.98 oz

Bourbon High Selection Assorted Cookies Gift Box

This gift isn't just perfect for the holidays; it's also the perfect cookie tray to set out for guests during the holidays. It is packed with a yummy assortment of cookies, including decadent, buttery biscuits and Lemand crepe cookies (one of Bourbon's specialties). Each Bourbon High Selection Assorted Cookies Gift Box has eight types of cookies in various flavors, sizes, and shapes. Like many of the gift boxes, the snacks come individually wrapped, so it's easy to tuck some away for later.

Bourbon High Selection Assorted Cookies Gift Box (35 pieces)

You'll want to grab this selection of assorted cookies for all the cookie lovers in your life! Each gift box includes an impressive eight types of cookies. You'll find options like buttery biscuits and Bourbon's Lemand crepe cookies. 

Common Allergens: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy.

9.8 oz

Holiday Traditions: Asian Snacks as Cultural Celebrations

While many holiday traditions and celebrations have been performed for years, there's always an opportunity to create new ones! If you have younger kids in the family, you can use Asian grocery snacks to teach them about other celebrations and holidays in Asia. For example, it's a great time to teach kids about the Winter Solstice or New Year's celebrations in various Asian countries.

Trying new snacks together can also mean creating new memories together. This tradition could include eating a new Asian snack every day. Or, maybe it could include enjoying the same new snack together each year. There are many ways to create new food-centered traditions the whole family will love.

Wrapping Up the Perfect Holiday Gift

The above gift ideas from Bokksu's Asian grocery selection will help satisfy every craving, whether your loved ones prefer decadent chocolate cookies, rice crackers featuring an umami-rich soy sauce flavor, or something in between. Make new holiday memories by gifting these delectable treats to your loved ones (and surprising them with tasty snacks in their stockings!). Or, create your own gift bags/baskets with multiple snacks for a delicious option that will last loved ones even longer. You may even want to get a treat or two for yourself (no judgments here!).

Celebrate the Holidays With Bokksu

If you need more holiday gift inspiration, Bokksu Market has everything from noodles to sauces, ramen, and drinks. At Bokksu, you can always find the perfect gift for the Asian snack enthusiasts in your life, whether you want to purchase something for the holidays, a birthday, or just because for your loved ones. It's the perfect one-stop shop for Asian snack (and food) lovers!

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