The Best New Arrivals At Bokksu Market

The Best New Arrivals At Bokksu Market

by Krystina Quintana

There’s nothing better than brand new items to try – especially if those items consist of tasty food, drinks, and kitchen essentials. With a constant number of new arrivals offered on Bokksu Market, it can be easy to miss all the fantastic available items. Here are a few favorites in the new arrivals category that you need to try.

Organic Sencha Loose Tea

We’re starting this list off with Japanese tea because there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed with a warm cup of high-quality tea! Yamamotoyama Organic Sencha Loose Tea is the perfect mix for those looking to up their tea game. The tea leaves are harvested from Yamamotoyama’s tea gardens and offer hints of a flowery flavor surrounding each cup of this green tea. Other flavors are available, including Genmai and Matcha.

Yamamotoyama Organic Sencha Loose Tea

Canton Shoyu Ramen

Put down the Maruchan instant noodles, and give Myojo Chuckazanmai Canton Shoyu Ramen a chance. This ramen pack comes with a soup base and noodles. Once cooked, you'll have a bowl of authentic noodles swimming in an umami soy sauce broth. You can feel like you're ordering ramen soup from your favorite Japanese restaurant without leaving the house.

Other available flavors include miso and soybean ramen and Beijing-style ramen.

Myojo Chukazanmai Canton Shoyu Ramen

Mabo Harusame Noodles: Hot

Mabo tofu flavors are infused into this dish and added to harasume noodles, aka glass noodles. Vegetables and chili oil are included in the pack, making this a complete meal perfect for busy schedules. It's quick, easy, and packs a punch flavorwise, especially in the heat department.

Mild and medium hot options are available, making it easy to choose the best choice for your tastebuds.

Nagatani Mabo Harusame Noodles: Hot

Matcha Latte

Instead of preparing matcha lattes from scratch, you can enjoy this UCC Matcha Latte. The matcha is sourced from Uji, Kyoto, a highly regarded area for sourcing high-quality green tea. Matcha is mixed with Japanese milk for the ultimate sweet and creamy drink. Plus, you'll get a good amount of caffeine without having to brew a cup of coffee.

UCC Matcha Latte

Puchao Gummy Candy Fruit Mix

Uha Mikakuto Puchao Gummy Candy Fruit Mix is a unique Japanese candy. The exterior is soft and chewy, with surprise pieces of delicious gummy fruit pieces. Each bite is filled with a pop of fruity flavor and a juicy taste.

This pack offers four flavors: strawberry, grape, mango, and melon.

Uha Mikakuto Puchao Gummy Candy Fruit Mix

Hot Steam Eye Mask: Yuzu (12 sheets)

While this item is not a snack or drink, it's worth a try! These MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Yuzu (12 sheets) offer an easy way to wind down after a busy day. When you apply one of these masks, warm steam will shift around your eye area to promote relaxation for your mind and your face muscles.

This is ideal for anyone who uses electronics throughout the day. The yuzu aroma aids you in feeling as if you're at a spa or retreat.

MegRhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask: Yuzu (12 sheets)

Check out the other new arrivals at Bokksu Market, an online Asian grocery store. Here, you can find your favorite Asian grocery items, including Japanese grocery essentials, Japanese snacks, drinks, and more. Plus, Bokksu Market offers you the opportunity to order groceries online so you can find all your favorites in one place.

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The Best New Arrivals At Bokksu Market


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