The Top Drinks on Bokksu Market!

by Jillian Giandurco

Japanese drinks -- there’s nothing like them! Between the unmatched sweetness of a Japanese soda and the specially curated brewed teas, Japanese beverages have proven themselves to be in a league of their own. But choosing the right drink can be overwhelming at times, because there are so many kinds to choose from! Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best Japanese teas, sodas, and juice on Bokksu Market to help take the pressure out of grocery shopping for good! See below for more details.

Kimino Sparkling Juice: Mikan Orange

We’re starting off our list with an unbeatable staff pick: Kimino Sparkling Juice! The Japanese prefecture of Wakayama is known for its orange-like citrus fruits known as mikan, and Kimino has elevated the mikan experience with the Kimino Sparkling Juice: Mikan Orange! This delicious drink is made with the pressure of pure mountain water from the Hyogo mountains and organic sugar cane for a sweet but tart juice you can’t find anywhere else. Though the Mikan Orange flavor is another beloved staff pick, there are several other Kimino flavors to choose from, including Ringo Apple, Ume, and Yuzu.

Kimino Sparkling Water

Speaking of Kimino, their sparkling waters are just as thirst quenching as their juices! With the same flavors available as their juices (Mikan Orange, Ringo Apple, Ume, and Yuzu), now you have the option of enjoying the satisfying sweetness of Kimino drinks with your water, too!Kimino Sparkling Water: Ringo Apple

Itoen: Oi Ocha Genmaicha Green Tea

Next up on our list we have a Bokksu Market best seller: Oi Ocha Genmaicha Green Tea! This deluxe genmaicha is made by Itoen, Japan’s #1 green tea brand, and gets its nutty flavor from roasted and popped rice. Plus, with the help of some flavor-dense matcha powder, this drink not only tastes great, but helps you feel great, too!Itoen: Oi Ocha Genmaicha Green Tea

UCC: Craftman's Drip Coffee Special Deep Rich Blend

You won’t want to miss this drip coffee! The combination of robust and bitter flavors live in perfect harmony within this Craftman's Drip Coffee, and contains a surprisingly low acidity level all the while. Plus, it’s so easy to make that your kitchen is bound to become your very own coffee shop!UCC: Craftman's Drip Coffee Special Deep Rich Blend

Yamamotoyama: Jasmine Tea

Everyone should keep Jasmine tea in the house, especially if it’s made by Yamamotoyama! Jasmine tea makes for the perfect post-dinner pick-me-up palate cleanser, due to its lightly caffeinated tea leaves and refreshing burst of sweetness!

Yamamotoyama: Jasmine Tea

Take a trip to your favorite Asian grocery store without ever leaving your couch! Bokksu Market carries all your favorite Japanese brands, snacks, and beverages, so now you can order groceries online all from the same place.

By Jillian Giandurco

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