What Makes Ramune Special?

by Courtney Thompson

Ramune is a Japanese carbonated soft drink created in 1884 that has become a beloved drink sold in Japanese grocery stores! Its original version has a unique flavor that is reminiscent of lemon-lime, but very subtle and not overly sweet or bitter. Other popular Ramune drink flavors include melon, lychee, grape, strawberry, orange, and peach. While some of these flavors, like grape and orange, are common in American sodas, Ramune also comes in a lot of flavors that are rather unique to Japan. Melon and peach are rarely used in American candies, let alone soft drinks, and lychee is an especially unique flavor that many Americans have never experienced. Like the original Ramune soda, these flavors all strike a balance of being flavorful but not overwhelming, and they make for a truly refreshing drink!

What Makes Ramune Special?

Although Ramune soda has many delicious flavors, what really makes it stand out is its unique bottle. Ramune soda bottles are traditionally glass and have a specially designed neck that pinches in, similar to an hourglass shape. Ramune drinks are sealed with a marble, which you can pop down into the drink, causing it to fizz and allowing you to drink it. Because of this, drinking Ramune soda is a much more fun experience than drinking regular soda! This is a large part of Ramune’s appeal, and children and adults alike love hearing that iconic fizz after releasing the marble into the bottle.

Ramune soda is so popular that there are many different candies inspired by Ramune! Ramune candy is a classic treat in the candy aisle of any Asian grocery store, and they are typically made in the form a round hard candy. Ramune candy comes in many of the classic Ramune flavors, and is designed to fizz in your mouth, mimicking the fizzing effect of carbonated soda and making for a fun treat! Other previously established candies, like Hi-Chew, have featured a Ramune version of their sweets in the original lemon-lime flavor.

Ramune: Grape

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By Courtney Thompson

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