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Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise: Original Tube

This is the iconic and beloved “Kewpie” mayo, easily recognized for its signature Kewpie baby doll design! What makes this mayo special is not only its artwork: this Japanese mayo is ultra-smooth and contains multiple vinegars that provide a complex umami flavor. Its packaging should also be noted for how truly easy it is to squeeze: you won’t lose a dollop of this super tasty mayo!

Common Allergens: Egg, Soy.

What Is Kewpie Mayo?

Kewpie Mayo is a Japanese mayonnaise with a unique mouthfeel and high-quality ingredients. What makes it stand out against other mayo companies, is the lack of preservatives and the inclusion of only egg yolks (not whole eggs). As the magic ingredient, egg yolk makes Japanese mayo more decadent than regular mayo. Other ingredients include a mixture of vinegar (distilled vinegar, rice vinegar, and apple cider vinegar), oil, salt, and MSG or yeast extract. These simple ingredients, along with a special blending machine, helps create the creamiest, tastiest mayo ever.

How To Cook With Kewpie Mayo

You can use this condiment anywhere you normally include standard mayo and then some! Try this mayo in potato salad, tuna, chicken, or egg salad sandwiches, as a potato wedge dip, or even as a topping for a rice bowl. Deviled eggs and burgers won't be the same without it once you grab hold of a bottle. A few additional ideas include using it as a sauce base (think umami aioli), adding it to your favorite dip, or adding a healthy helping to meat before breading and frying for an extra crispy crust that doesn't flake off. The options for Kewpie are endless!



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