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Kyokuyo Grilled Sanma Flavored with Yuzu Daikon Oroshi

Sanma (saury fish) is a flavor that many Japanese people look forward to in the autumn months. This canned fish features one of the most popular ways to enjoy sanma - grilled fresh and covered with oroshi (grated) daikon (radish) and yuzu. Enjoy the mild peppery and citrusy flavors as is or over rice!

Learn to cook with this flavorful fish by reading our Sanma Takikomi Gohan recipe!

Common Allergens: Fish, Wheat, Soy.

How Can I Cook With Tinned Fish?

Gone are the days of boring canned tuna salad sandwiches for lunch! With the number of tinned fish that Asian-inspired food offers, you can turn an ordinary lunch into an extraordinary meal. Here are some delicious ways to incorporate new foods into your lunch routine in a fun way.

  • Fried Rice! This easy-to-make dish just got even more protein-rich with the addition of tinned fish. 

  • Onigiri! Simply stuff a ball of cooked rice with tinned fish and even a swipe of kewpie mayo. Wrap in nori seaweed or eat on its own

  • Japanese Pasta! Grab our Japanese spaghetti and a packet of our pasta sauce (like mentaiko cream), and mix in tinned fish.

  • In Omelets! Make your own tamagoyaki with eggs and dashi and throw in tinned fish.

  • On Its Own! Many of our tinned fishes come pre-seasoned so you can enjoy them right out of the can for a quick snack.



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