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J-Basket Katakuriko Potato Starch

Katakuriko is a fine potato starch that’s often used as a thickener in Japanese cooking. You may have heard the name before as it’s a crucial ingredient for making karaage Japanese fried chicken and other fried foods in Japan. Feel free to use it to thicken stir-fries, sauces, or wherever else you would use corn starch!

What Is Potato Starch, And How Do You Cook With It?

When potatoes are smashed, they release a cloudy liquid that is dehydrated. This process makes the widely used potato starch. This starch is excellent for those who need to eat a gluten-free diet as a replacement in bread recipes. You can use this starch in place of flour in many recipes. This starch is also a common ingredient in noodles, as it becomes a chewy, gelatinous consistency when you mix it with water. However, it’s most commonly used as a batter for making fried foods like chicken karaage or shrimp tempura. Using potato starch in this batter gives a delicious extra crunch to the exterior of any food you use it on.