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Matcha Bundle

Matcha green tea has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. While there is no right way to enjoy matcha, we at Bokksu recommend these simple and beautiful accessories to elevate your preparation and taste experience (who knew matcha could be so smooth and frothy?). And for busy days when there’s no time to make matcha in your own kitchen, have a sip of the included instant matcha powder for the perfect homemade matcha latte. With this bundle, coffee shops will be no match for your matcha!

Your Matcha Bundle includes:

  • Aiya Matcha To Go: Sweetened
  • Aiya Pure White Tea Bowl
  • Aiya Bamboo Whisk
  • Aiya Bamboo Scoop
  • Aiya Hand Sifter
  • Aiya Whisk Holder: Green

To read more about matcha, check out this Bokksu Blog post!



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