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Muso Organic Nori Seaweed Furikake

Furikake seasoning is a go-to spice blend in Japanese cooking because it can improve pretty much any meal. Sprinkle this harmonious blend of sesame seeds and nori (seaweed) over fish, noodles, copious amounts of rice, and more to add a delicious salty and umami flavoring that’s sure to impress all tastebuds!

What Is Furikake?

Furikake is a confetti-like seasoning that gives any dish a boost of umami-rich flavor. Typically, furikake includes a blend of katsuobushi (dried and shaved bonito flakes), nori (toasted seaweed), and sesame seeds. You can also find furikake flavored with egg, shiso leaf, umeboshi pickled plums, and other tasty ingredients.

How Do You Cook With Furikake?

Furikake seasoning is most commonly used on rice, like donburi rice bowls,  onigiri, or musubi. But it’s an incredible topping for everything from roasted vegetables to salmon to even popcorn!