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Kuze Fuku Traditional Umami Dashi

Think of this traditional umami dashi as an undercover flavor superhero. This sensational culinary secret takes many forms as soup broths and seasonings! From pasta and steak to fried rice and ramen, the carefully selected ingredients like bonito, soy sauce powder, and dried kelp in this dashi create a full-bodied umami flavor that works with almost all recipes.

Learn more about what dashi is and how to cook with it in this article!

Common Allergens: Fish, Shellfish, Wheat, Soy.

About Kuze Fuku

Known as “The Japanese Gourmet Store”, Kuze Fuku has traveled all over Japan in search of regional, high-quality cuisine that cannot be found elsewhere. Its goal is to deliver the authentic taste of Japan through a wide range of traditional and contemporary products. By contacting and collaborating with regional makers ー many of them small, family businesses practicing craftsmanship handed down through generations ー Kuze Fuku has produced a number of best-selling products loved all over Japan, providing opportunities for small and local food businesses to grow and be accessible nationwide.

About Bokksu’s Partnership With Kuze Fuku

And now, with the help of Bokksu, Kuze Fuku products can reach even more people! From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, Kuze Fuku and Bokksu are excited to bring you authentic and fresh flavors from regional makers in Japan!



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